Spanish Mid-Term Exam – Take It Now And You Could Win! No Need to Panic

Are you Rrrrrrrready?  Did you study?  

No need to have test anxiety amigos, I grade fairly and you are all fluent…practically!

It must be my teaching methods…

If you need to cheat review prior to taking these TRES short exams, go to LecciónNumero Uno,   Lección Numero Dos and LecciónNumero Tres.  Or you can use your INTELIGENCIA and figure them out on your own (NO google translator or equivalent site allowed – or I will hit you over the CABEZA with one of my Bricks!)


To be graded considered for the prize, you must comment under “Other” by writing your name first and the answer to the question in English (there is limited room in this comment section so use shorthand if need be.)  DO NOT  CLICK ON THE CHOICES GIVEN – CLICK OTHER & WRITE IN YOUR ANSWER TO ALL THREE QUESTIONS.  Comprende?

The ESTUDIANTE with the highest grade will win.  If there are several winners, their names will be entered in a draw.  

Un GRANDE HINT: The correct answer may NOT be listed.


The winner will receive a personal package filled with numerous Spanish Treats.  I won’t divulge  what these are but TRRRUST me, you will be pleased!  Si Señor/a!

**Winner will be announced next week 3/7/14.

Buena Suerte!

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56 thoughts on “Spanish Mid-Term Exam – Take It Now And You Could Win! No Need to Panic

  1. Hey chica It’s the Guat and here you go …

    1. I’m in charge and we’re watching Sabado Gigante so hand it over.
    2. I can’t be smiling at el Chico en apartamento 512 because I got spinach in my grill
    3. Our dog needs some Sal De Uvas he got into the kitchen and ate my lunch.

    Ha … hope I’m in the running for your Native Speakers category.


  2. I failed to follow the directions….and didn’t put my name first! Oh well – thanks for keeping things firing and preventing my braining from turning to mush!


  3. Ah! I forgot to write my name on my answers!

    You are such a hoot, lady! My spy thriller writing partner (Jay Holmes) is a native Spanish speaker. He’s taught me that cursing is an art form in Spanish. So our protag, like Holmes, curses in Spanish. I admire his eloquence.

    Thanks for the fun!


    1. Where is Jay from??? Oftentimes cursing in Spanish is much more satisfying for me. Especially if the word has an r in it and you can roll the r to death! i.e. mieRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRda! How are you going to win if you didn’t identify yourself?


      1. He grew up in New York. I can’t say beyond that.

        I was so focused on figuring out the translations and reading the three previous lessons that I forgot to follow instructions. A common problem in my life. I can tell you my answer included the word “poo” if that helps. 🙂

        Speaking of contests, I have one over at our site right now, too, if you’re so inclined. It’s open for entries through Tuesday. 🙂

        And speaking of Spanish lessons, have you seen this? It’s a hoot!


        1. Ha! I’ll look for for the poo word on your exam. I love that Que Hora Es video, I remember seeing it and cracking up. I’ll head over to your site again now. 🙂


  4. I feel I now speak Spanish like a native.
    Sure, a native Netherlander, but still…

    (Instead of translating, I left replies to the Spanish statements.)
    ( Because I am a special snowflake.)


        1. I like the Senoral brand. 🙂

          Muchas frutas. Wow. Reminds me of the other day getting fruit samples at our local Latino supermercado with seasoning on it. Of course, then there were the fresh masa tortilla samples, too… que rico y sabroso.


        2. I live in east Kennewick, WA. My mingling with Hispanic culture despite my mostly Danish heritage comes from basically two sources:

          1. being Mormon/LDS. Look up “Rey Pratt” on Wikipedia. That’s my great-grandfather.
          2. Living in the area that I do. Although Kennewick, Pasco, and Richland are collectively referred to as “the Tri-Cities” and are considered an “emerging area”, east Pasco and many of the surrounding farm towns have strong Latino populations. The Lower Yakima Valley, next door to the Columbia Basin region that I live in, actually has a Latino majority in its population these days.

          My father was a bit unusual in his extended family that he did not serve a Spanish-speaking mission, but my mother seemed to pick up the slack, becoming fluent in Spanish for a number of jobs, including ESL instruction and her current work with Social Security. My youngest sister also picked up Spanish by way of school studies, trips to Spain, Mexico, and Guatemala, and she is married to a wonderful Peruvian guy who just recently naturalized to the U.S. (they live in Alpine, UT, though).

          Whew! Does that make sense? It’s a friends and family thing. I’m 100% Anglo puro, but the Spanish language and Latino culture is just part of my family legacy.


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