No Shave November/ Prostate Cancer Awareness

For the cause

For the cause

Before my wonderful friend Susie from:

challenged her followers to show their support for No Shave November (Movember) to raise awareness for prostate cancer, I had decided not to shave my legs for the month.

I couldn’t do the no shaving my underarms thing, but I don’t mind my own hairy legs.

Susie challenged us to post a hairy picture of ourselves for the cause.  Although I am not of Mexican descent (as was Frida) , I am of dark stubborn facial hair descent.  

There’s no getting around my stubborn dark mustache.  

I wax, pluck & bleach away only to see the little suckers grow back with a vengeance.

I cannot in good faith promise that I won’t try to get rid of this persistent ample upper lip growth this month,

but I will pencil in all the hair in the world!  What’s not to love about a uni-brow?  And a bigote followed by a little beard?

So this one is for my brave friend Andy at

and anyone else struck by this cancer.

Check out Susie’s blog to see more hairy pics.

Donations can be made @

24 thoughts on “No Shave November/ Prostate Cancer Awareness

    1. Nice to see you here, John! I cracked up at you booking your trip to France ASAP. 🙂 That Susie never fails to educate us. I might just have keep my unibrow beyond November in case it brings out some sort of talent in me!


  1. You crack me up! What a great picture. Hey, you are not the only one with a unibrow (shhhh). Thanks for your support and we are all looking forward to a picture of those salsa dancing legs next week.


    1. Go for it, Jill! Apologies btw. Although I am a decent person, the auto correct did not spot decent for descent. Just fixed it. 🙂 It would be so much easier to let the brows unite wouldn’t it?


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