The Swim to My 50s – Maria Maria


A “Maria” with Man With Great Abs

You all know me as brickhousechick, the one who is swimming to her 50s and trying not to drown along the way, right?  I reveal bits and pieces about myself but never too much, or so I think.  Maybe some pictures here and there and ok, sometimes my very private moments and thoughts, but never my name.

When a wonderful blogger whom I admire greatly, Renée A. Schuls-Jacobson (please visit her blog) at  begged me to tell her my actual name because she was tired of referring to me as brickhousechick and felt we had reached a higher and more intimate blogging level, I did it.  I told her my first name.

This prompted me to write this post about my name.  Thanks Renée, for encouraging me to, come out…

Where I come from, Maria is a very typical and widely used name.  If you don’t believe me, you can ask my mother, Maria; my sister, Maria; my cousin, Maria; my other cousin Maria and my other-other cousin, Maria.  It is true.  We are all Marias with different middle names so as to distinguish ourselves… somewhat.

I have found that, unlike in Puerto Rico, here in the States when you tell people that your name is Maria, their face seems to light up.  I usually get a smile.  And, often times am serenaded with West Side Story‘s, I Just Met a Girl Named Maria, which I always enjoy hearing – especially if they can carry a tune.

I have also been told that I look like a Maria.  Not sure what that really means, but it may be a compliment.  At least I believe so based on what I envision a Maria to look like.

Take these lovely ladies pictured below.  I do not know them, but they are what I think a Maria is supposed to look like.  Tall, sexy, slender, sensual long dark hair and an army of tall, dark and handsome men, in pursuit of her love and affection.  Oh…Maria {heavy breathing}.




For some reason, artists like to sing about Marias. They are usually in search of their special Maria and like to repeat her name. 

My husband’s all time favorite is Carlos Santana’s, Maria Maria.  It is quite sexy when he sings it to me.  I feel like one of the Marias above and to top it all, he is tall, dark and handsome.  I am not from Spanish Harlem and did not fall in love in East L.A. to the sounds of the guitar played by Carlos Santana, but my name is Maria (damn it) and that’s enough to make me feel like the song is about me.

Check out this steamy video of the song and all the different Marias featured in it.  I wasn’t available when they asked me to be in it.

Then, there is Ricky Martin. MMM-mmmm.  I know, he is gay but that does not concern me.  He is sexy as heck and he must have been thinking of me when he sang, Maria (Un, Dos, Tres).


Here he is counting – Un, Dos, Tres…


Here is Ricky waving at me

You must check out his video:

I had not heard of  Willie Nelsons, Maria (Shut Up and Kiss Me) song until I came across it today.  I find it a bit demanding of him to tell Maria to shut up and kiss him and I am glad I am not that Maria! Mind your manners, Willie!

Apparently, The Biebs has a Maria song as well. Except that he, Justin Bieber, does not like his Maria in this song and wants her to leave him alone.

Some others are:

I can honestly say that I feel privileged to share this name with so many famous characters and songs.  Especially since, had it not been for my mother Maria’s quick intervention at my birth, my name would have been Lupita (Lupe for short).  My grandmother loved that name and had insisted that I be blessed with it.

I may not look like the Marias in the pictures above, but I have a couple of sexy, provocative pictures with my man I would like to share with you. Warning: Not appropriate for younger viewers:


Look at how he holds my sweaty hands as we do the Salsa…hot!

Notice where my left hand is....tantalizing!

Notice where my left hand is….tantalizing!

Our passionate kiss, he wants to punch me with his fist, he's love with me

Our passionate kiss. He wants to punch me with his fist, he’s so…in love with me

My red latin lips...

My Red Latin Lips…

You can call me, Maria Maria.

21 thoughts on “The Swim to My 50s – Maria Maria

  1. Ahhhh!!! It’s like you give us a little and then you take it right back. You’re like the sample person at Baskin Robins! You give one little taste and then I have to buy the whole flipping sundae (as if I wasn’t going to do that anyway).

    I’m glad you felt comfortable enough to share a glimmer of your identity. Although I love The West Side Story, I think my favorite Maria song is the one by Brooks and Dunn, called “My Maria.” LOVE IT!


    1. Hello Lisa! Glad to see you over here. The truth is, I was showing too much of myself and since my hubby is somewhat of a public figure, I had to cut our heads off! 🙂 If it were up to me, I’d reveal it all!


  2. So nice to have a name, Maria Maria. (Now I have Carlos Santana song in my head…love it!)
    I think it’s a great name too. But wow, can’t believe how many people in your family have the same name! Too funny.


  3. At least you had sexy fun songs to be serenaded by – Carrie was an unusual name growing up (unless you lived in the US?) anyway, there is a Kenny Rogers song called Carrie that is awful and annoying and yuck and it got sung to me so often I shudder just thinking of it! I would have much rather something a little more ‘cooler’ 😉


  4. Yay! I’ve been wanting to say the same thing, Maria, but I realize people blog for different reasons. Some do not want to share names. I love learning names, and I’m glad to know yours. Love the pictures, too.


    1. Thanks, Andra. I like to keep a low profile even though I like to share almost everything about my life (don’t know how those two things fit together). 🙂 Glad you liked the pictures.


  5. I love this post so much. And not just because I inspired it. I love it because it is hilarious, and you have captured the essence of Maria.

    Plus who cares if Ricky Martin is gay. Duh.

    Meanwhile, there is only one song with my name. Walk Away Renée, or something like that. It leaves much to be desired, if you ask me! It is so nice to meet you — Maria.


  6. Maria is indeed a lovely name. Not sure exactly why, but I think it has something to with that fact that it sounds exotic and worldly in this country. Flows nicely off the tongue too. Funny but it never occurred to me NOT to use my real name on my blog. It’s right there in banner…. As always, an enjoyable read brickhousechick, Maria or whoever you are!


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